good food for a good cause.


Manifesto Café is a social enterprise market and café located in Hermon, a city in Northeastern Los Angeles that serves healthy products. The "social cafénterprise" serves an original menu of Los Angelino-themed artisan sandwiches & beverages, as well as fair trade coffee, teas, produce, healthy snacks and pre-packaged meals - all sourced from local, socially-conscious small businesses.


With careful planning, our ultimate goal is to open cafés and markets in other communities, including Skid Row. Why Skid Row? Why not. Skid Row is a historically disinvested area of Los Angeles that looms in the shadow of downtown's rejuvination. As a food desert, there is an opportunity to bring healthy food to the area while changing the landscape for the residents and visitors. We want to invest in Skid Row and other communities and bring the benefits directly back to the residents.


The name "manifesto" implies that the café itself is a public declaration to create such an environment - where neighborhoods collide under one roof to discuss, to manifest and to create over wholesome food and beverage.

"Social Cafénterprise" is a term we coined as we were developing the philosophy for our business. We believe it is a clever combination of "social enterprise" and "cafe" that defines our business in one phrase.


Manifesto's founders is comprised of nonprofit practitioners, social workers, and an architect with a penchant for green and sustainable design. When we first sat at the table to discuss how we wanted to run our business we envisioned two overarching objectives; become a community resource and bring healthy & fresh food access to a "food desert". 

The idea of bringing a social enterprise café to communities across Los Angeles resonated with us. Our backgrounds and careers all demonstrate that we have an interest beyond profits. A socially-responsible business just made sense. Not only could we fulfill our objectives, but we would also satisfy our enterpreneurial gusto. As a social enterprise café we can do good and serve good food, which is good business.


Check out the video our friends Imaginese produced about the cafe.